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Bitufill (lime filler) improves the properties of asphalt and gives it a long service life.

Bitufill is added to balance the fine particulate matter in the asphalt. From experience, we know that higher lime content produces smoother asphalt which is easier to spread. The risk of cracks is also reduced when laying and rolling the asphalt. The denser surface means less water intrusion and fewer loose stones in the finished road surface. With fewer coarse stones that may loosen, it will take longer before the asphalt road surface develops holes and cracks. The long life of the asphalt provides socio-economic benefits and, in the long run, reduces CO2 emissions.

We offer several varieties Bitufill and deliver to all of Norway. Our certified Bitufill lime products are produced by crushing and grinding rocks with a high potassium carbonate content.

Products used in asphalt

  • Bitufill St
  • Bitufill H100
  • Bitufill Ha
  • Bitufill Ho
  • Bitufill NOK
  • Bitufill Sa
  • Bitufill VIE
  • Bitufill VK

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