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Verdalskalk produces Tromsdal limestone, which is renowned for its unique purity.

The company was established in 1991 through a merger of the Hylla division of Franzefoss Bruk A/S and Faxe Kalk Norge AS (formerly Reidar Svendsen & Co) in Tromsdalen and Port of Verdal.

The story dates back to 1897 when the first limestone business started with the Hylla Kalkverk lime works.Today, the company is a medium-sized enterprise in the Trondheim region with around 60 employees distributed between four sites: Tromsdalen, Verdal Havn, Hylla and a transportation department.

The particularly clean Tromsdal limestone and thorough quality control during the production processes produce high-quality products.

The owners of the Verdalskalk production company are:

• Franzefoss Bruk AS (55%) – owned by Franzefoss Minerals AS
• Faxe Kalk AS, Denmark (35%) – Faxe Kalk is owned by the Belgian company Lhoist
• Nordkalk OY AB, Finland (10%)



Verdalskalk sine anlegg


At the Tromsdalen plant in Verdal, day-to-day operations are performed in an open pit mine with drilling, blasting, loading and transport, as well as crushing and fractionation of limestone to grades based on market needs.

Verdal Havn

Verdalskalk has a warehouse and shipping facility connected to the Port of Verdal, as well as a production plant for filler (finely ground lime meal).


The Hylla plant has a history dating back to 1897, when lime production started.


Verdalskalk has ten vehicles that transport goods from Tromsdalen to our other facilities in Verdal and Inderøy.

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