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Logo – Franzefoss Minerals

Lime provides better
drinking water

Norwegian quality lime

Franzefoss Minerals is the leading limestone mining company in Norway with a strong focus on the environment.

Our social responsibility

Our reputation – our responsibility! Society will at all times measure us and judge us on how well we take care of our employees, the environment around us and resources we manage.

Lime creates jobs

Franzefoss Minerals is always striving to build a competent and passionate, future workforce. We are currently hiring...

Lime since 1919

The mining company Franzefoss Minerals is a family-owned group with a long and exciting history. Here is a brief summary.

See our environmental report

Lime is highly regarded as nature's own cleanser. As a manufacturer of Lime, we have a responsibility in maintaining minimal impact on the environment and the nearby community. Our rapport focuses on our manufacturing facilities and their environmental achievements.

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