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Franzefoss Minerals is a production company that manufactures lime and dolomite products for a wide range of industrial processes and environmental applications. Franzefoss Minerals has four production plants: Ballangen, Hamar, Hole and Eydehavn.

Lime and dolomite are used in a number of important processes in society and thus represent some of society’s most important raw materials. There are important applications for lime and dolomite products in agriculture, industry, construction, in the waterways, as well as water, sewage and flue gas treatment. In addition, significant volumes are exported to similar markets abroad.

Our production plants are located in the vicinity of mineral deposits and our largest markets. Dolomite is produced at our facility in Ballangen, while our lime products come from our facilities in Hole (Toten) and Hamar. The location of our production facility in Eydehavn has been selected precisely to ensure the shortest possible transport distances to our largest customers and consumer locations.


Our Ballangen production plant operates at one of Europe’s whitest dolomite deposits.


Extraction takes place through open-pit mining. The limestone from this pure deposit is used for liming watercourses and as lime filler for various industrial applications.


The plant at Eydehavn outside Arendal produces dolomite and limestone products.

Øystein Ulsletten
tlf. +4791569805
tlf. +4791569805

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