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Lime and dolomite are important industrial components, as these raw materials contribute to improving the properties of different products. We are a nationwide supplier of lime minerals for both Norwegian and international industries. Industrial lime is used as a slagging material in the iron and steel industry, in flotation processes and in the production of cellulose, glass, ceramics and cement. Our products are used in the chemical, metallurgical and engineering industries. The main product that we export is Arctic Dolomite – one of the whitest dolomite products in Northern Europe.


Dolomite is used in the production of glass, primarily as a rheological agent.


Lime is used as a raw material and filler in many chemical processes.


Finely ground dolomite is an important filler and component in the paint and varnish industry.

Mineral wool

Mineral wool is a common term for glass and mineral wool used for insulation purposes.


Both dolomite and lime are added to foods and in tablets as dietary supplements


Lime is one of the components of offshore drilling fluid.


The paper industry uses limestone-based products as filler and coating pigment


Limestone and dolomite are used in smelting processes.

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