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Flue gas treatment

We supply lime products to the combustion industry which uses lime for the treatment of flue gases from combustion plants.

Lime contributes to cleaner air and water in connection with flue gas treatment at combustion plants. All forms of combustion entail a risk of emissions to and contamination of air or water. The most common pollutants from combustion include mercury, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, filter dust, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, dioxins and furans.

We supply effective lime products to the combustion industry. Several products are used in the treatment of flue gas, usually a mixture of coal and lime, which is dosed either dry, wet or semi-dry, or in a combination of these processes.

We are a highly committed supplier with strong expertise.

Products used for flue gas treatment

  • Miljø HOK Granulat
  • Miljø HOK Standard
  • Miljø HOK Super
  • Miljø Brentkalk VK 0/0,2
  • Miljø Hydratkalk SMR
  • Miljø Hydratkalk VK
  • Miljø Kalkmelk VK 50

Sven Fürstenberg
Markedsansvarlig Vann & Miljø
tlf. +4748142557
tlf. +4748142557

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