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Information to our neighbours

We are constantly working to have a close and open dialogue with our neighbours living close to one of our facilities, and we therefore regularly send out newsletters.

Franzefoss Minerals is Norway’s leading supplier of lime and dolomite. For almost 100 years, we have extracted quality products that are important both to individuals and industry. At our facilities, we extract resources from bedrock, either at a quarry or in a mine.

We are very aware of the strains we place on society, but we also know that society needs lime. Our business brings with it a constant duty to be a responsible corporate citizen and to do our best to contribute to sustainable value creation. We rely on long-term and predictable framework conditions to manage our shared resources from a new 100-year perspective.

This also entails a cooperative relationship with all our neighbours.

If you live near one of our facilities, we can send you newsletters containing information about events and/or situations that may be useful for you, as our neighbour, to know about. If you have any questions about our operations, please feel free to contact us directly.

Click on the facility near your home to subscribe to newsletters from your neighbouring facility.

Våre anlegg


Our Ballangen production plant operates at one of Europe’s whitest dolomite deposits.


The plant at Eydehavn outside Arendal produces dolomite and limestone products.


Extraction takes place through open-pit mining. The limestone from this pure deposit is used for liming watercourses and as lime filler for various industrial applications.


The Hylla plant has a history dating back to 1897, when lime production started.


NorFraKalk manufactures and sells quick lime, as well as related limestone products from its own facility at the Ørin industrial area in Verdal, including distribution from the Port of Verdal.


Verdalskalk has ten vehicles that transport goods from Tromsdalen to our other facilities in Verdal and Inderøy.


At the Tromsdalen plant in Verdal, day-to-day operations are performed in an open pit mine with drilling, blasting, loading and transport, as well as crushing and fractionation of limestone to grades based on market needs.

Verdal Havn

Verdalskalk has a warehouse and shipping facility connected to the Port of Verdal, as well as a production plant for filler (finely ground lime meal).

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