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Building and construction

Lime has a number of functions in the construction industry. It contributes to several important processes in the industry, and it stabilises and reinforces groundwork. Lime is also used in asphalt and concrete products. We supply lime, dolomite, crushed stone and gravel to the construction industry.


Bitufill (lime filler) improves the properties of asphalt and gives it a long service life.

Concrete elements and paving stones

Betofill (lime filler) is used in concrete products to create balance and a finer surface.

Dimension stone

Dimension stone can be used in support walls, flood protection and for pitching rivers.


Lime filler is used in several types of mortars, putties and levelling compounds.

Crushed stone and lime gravel

Limestone has many applications and is a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Stabilisation and lime for lime concrete piling

Lime can be used to create balance and reinforce many materials.

Road grit

Limestone as an environmentally friendly road grit has a positive and improved impact on the environment as it is alkaline and increases pH value.

Terrazzo/ Façades

Dolomite and limestone are widely used in Terrazzo and façade elements.

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