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We have a strong focus on logistics. Most of our products must be shipped in one way or another to the end user, and we therefore have a strong need to ensure the quality of this part of the value chain. We cooperate with most major transport companies in Norway and with shipping companies that can offer sea transport. For road transport, we have established a system where we create an environmental profile for each carrier to ensure the most environmentally friendly transportation of our products.

We supply lime products to all of Norway and abroad – by ship, by train or by road

Within road transport, we can deliver using a bulk carrier or flatbed lorry. Thanks to close cooperation with several transport companies we can also offer transportation of products in sacks across the country. This can also be combined with both ship and rail transport.

Through a partnership with our ship broker Johnsen & Bergman Eftf AS, we offer a wide range of solutions. The bulk of the fleet are “self-discharging” vessels which carry freight, both domestically and in the export market.

Our products that are currently shipped by rail to customers abroad come mainly from our Verdal production plant. Since rail transport is environmentally beneficial, we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand this method of transport.

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tlf. +4795113956

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