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System solutions

We offer effective system solutions for liming watercourses.

Liming of rivers, streams, lakes and forest soils is done by helicopter, boat or using a dosing plant.

Boat liming

Spreading lime from boats is a cost-effective spreading method. Boat liming is used where there is road access to the water. The liming agent is transferred directly from the bulk carrier to the boat.

Lime dosing plants

We have extensive experience with lime dosing plants. A successful dosing project gives fish and other biological life in the river the opportunity to develop despite the acidic conditions.

Milkkalk has delivered dosing plants to most areas of Norway suffering from acidification. Our facilities have helped to preserve or reinstate fish in well-known Norwegian rivers such as Audna, Vikedal, Ogna, Vosso, Frøyset, Frafjord, Kvina, Espedalen, Vegår, Tovdalen, Mandalselva and Nidelva.

Helicopter Liming

Helicopters are used for spreading lime in places where there is no road access near the water where liming is to take place. Thanks to our extensive experience and good local knowledge, we have developed optimal solutions for liming Norwegian waters and lakes. Our network of production sites, silo stations and transport carriers provides a cost-effective distribution system.







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