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Franzefoss Minerals AS supplies systems to provide stable and correct pH values in hatcheries.

Our system deliveries enable our customers to achieve optimal water quality and the correct pH value for smolt. The water quality in hatcheries is critical for the fish’s health and well-being, and therefore also for the quality of the smolt. Neutralisation of CO2 and proper nitrification with a consistent water quality play an important role in optimising water quality which in turn affects the nitrogen cycle. It is also important to ensure consumption of alkalinity during nitrification.


Miljøkalk delivers end-to-end systems that promote stable pH values in hatcheries adapted to our customers’ processes and available space – which have been specially developed for hatchery fish and optimal water quality. The system automatically mixes lime in the ratio required to achieve the correct pH value.

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Products used in hatcheries

  • AquaPlus H
  • Miljø Brentkalk VK 0/2
  • Miljø Hydratkalk VK
  • Miljø Filterkalk VK
  • MiljøGuard 335

Sven Fürstenberg
Markedsansvarlig Vann & Miljø
tlf. +4748142557
tlf. +4748142557

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