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Drinking water treatment

Drinking water treatment using lime

Using lime products provides better drinking water.

Norway would appear to have access to large amounts of clean freshwater. Nevertheless, the quality of drinking water in too many Norwegian homes is too poor, although the water may look good. This is usually due to the generally low pH of the water, high water colour parameter and a little or no buffering capacity. Such water can give rise to aesthetic problems, health problems and corrosion/leaks in water pipes and the pipe system, which can be costly for society. This problem affects owners of waterworks as well as homeowners and commercial buildings and their users.


Our lime products provide the foundation for a better everyday life. We have products for any purpose that will raise the pH and increase the content of calcium in the water and carbonation.

Our products can be tailored to every need and are based on one of Northern Europe’s purest limestone deposits, both in terms of heavy metals and trace elements, but also with regard to the calcium content.

Other benefits of using our lime products include: simple self-regulating and predictable processes without the risk of overdosing, relatively low operating costs and excellent filtering properties.

Products used for the purification of drinking water

  • Miljø Brentkalk VK 0/0,2
  • Miljø Hydratkalk VK
  • Miljø Filterkalk LAE
  • Miljø Filterkalk VIE
  • Miljø Filterkalk VK
  • MiljøGuard 208
  • MiljøGuard 335
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 0,1/0,4
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 0,3/0,5
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 0,4/1
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 0,8/1,2
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 1/2,5
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 2/3,5
  • MiljøKvarts SIS 3/6

Sven Fürstenberg
Markedsansvarlig Vann & Miljø
tlf. +4748142557
tlf. +4748142557

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