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Norwegian quality lime

The perfect industrial product is perfectly balanced

Franzefoss Minerals is the leading limestone mining company in Norway with a strong focus on the environment. Through the sustainable use of our limestone and dolomite deposits, we supply society with quality products tailored to the task at hand, delivered to where they will be used.


We take care of the entire value chain and guarantee complete control at all stages. We always deliver as agreed. Our logistics centre in Verdal, Norway works closely with large transport and shipping companies. It guarantees flexibility, a high level of service and precise deliveries of lime products throughout Norway and abroad via car, boat and railway.
Today, the port can serve ships up to approx. 26,000 tons in size. From 2020, we will be able to accommodate ships up to 60,000 tons, which will significantly increase efficiency and reduce costs per ton delivered to the customer. Our sea freight services allow us to off er a number of solutions adapted to our customers’ port conditions and special requirements. Our ships travel regularly from us to our customers along the Norwegian coast, in the UK, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Japan and Germany. The bulk of the freight is transported by self-dischargers, both domestically and internationally. Choosing us as your supplier of lime not only guarantees you lime products of the highest quality, but also an efficient delivery that we supervise from A to Z.


We are one of Norway’s leading mining companies, with a major focus on the environment and sustainable development. As a producer of lime products, we have a great responsibility to place as litt le strain as possible on the environment and local communities. We therefore focus on ensuring that our extractions in nature will be accepted by the community. We ensure the mapping and development of future potential resources in close dialogue with concerned parties in the local community and municipalities. Our business shall produce optimal value creation with the least possible effect on the environment, and at the end, ensure later use of the affected area. Our goal is that we shall be one of the most energy efficient companies in the mineral industry by 2025. By using some of the best technology available and energy efficient machines, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2025. Through our facilities, determinations, certificates and other documentation, you as our customer can rest, assured that our products don’t contribute to a negative environmental impact. In addition, our businesses are certified according to NS-EN ISO 14001:2015.


Our business is based on one of Europe’s cleanest and biggest limestone deposits. We are a company with a long and exciting history that started with mining as early as 1919. This naturally benefits you, our customer. In 100 years, we have acquired a broad skill set, built expertise in products, processes,
support and logistic systems that guarantees delivery of high quality products – every time. We are certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001 and 14001. Our limestone’s unique purity and structure makes it suitable for a vast array of unique processes used in agriculture, water and sewage treatment, industrial processes and construction. We produce a large number of products in factions that are adapted to particular customer requirements and application types. We are continuously working to develop new applications for this pure raw material. Arctic Dolomite is a branded product with unique whiteness and chemical properties that allows it to be largely used as a raw material in industrial processes, as a source of magnesium in agriculture, as pigment in painting, enamel and synthetic fibres.


We have delivered lime products for a hundred years and we have the resources to continue extraction for another hundred years. To succeed, we depend on competent and long-term resource management. As Norway’s leading supplier of lime and dolomite products, here at Franzefoss Minerals, we have a major responsibility to ensure long-term and sustainable operations. We therefore facilitate secure and effective operations at all stages of the value chain, from extracting the raw material to processing for the selected transport solution for delivery to the customer. We aim for the highest use of raw materials
possible that places the lowest possible strain on the community around us. You as the customer will feel assured that your choice of supplier is involved in the responsible exploitation of resources. We will always be able to document that our products’ qualities and functions collectively contribute to a positive impact on the environment. In order to ensure an optimal operation of our resources in terms of the environment and wealth creation, we adopt a 100-year perspective in our operational plans.

Franzefoss Minerals

  • Major Norwegian supplier of lime and dolomite composites
  • Highest possible quality product
  • Complete logistic solutions
  • Endless recourses – five production plants all across Norway
  • Sustainable footprint

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